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The Committee of the Aeschylia commenced its operations in 1975. It consists of residents of the city-volunteers who relate to different kinds of arts (music, theatre, cinema, visual arts etc.), of members of the volunteers’ team of the festival, of members of the Organising Agency, as well as of students of art schools. The aim of the committee is the participation of citizens who are active in artistic issues, as well as the existence of a collective expression, in order for the festival, that the city needs, to be organised.

The Committee undertakes the drawing up of the artistic programme, the organisation, as well as the successful carrying out of the festival. Its aim is to formulate a quality, topical and innovative artistic programme. Its main objective is to promote the festival at a local, national and international level, creating a network through collaborations with artists, entities and organisations, in order for the committee to have constantly available updated information regarding what is going to be presented in the festival the next year. It ensures that the opportunity is given to artists of different kinds of arts, to present their work, as well as to create works of art, inspired by the city of Elefsina.

The Committee of the Aeschylia, as an integral part of the community, emphasizes on the drawing up of an artistic programme, which addresses all the vulnerable social groups.