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Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture and the Aeschylia Festival present the Greek premiere of the “OMMA” performance, by the internationally renowned choreographer, Josef Nadj, on September 15 & 16, at the Old Olive Mill Open Theater in Elefsina.

Breathing, voices, silence and intoxicating jazz rhythms compose the eerie atmosphere of “OMMA,” guiding the audience through a journey of self-knowledge, as primal as the very nature of dance itself. For Josef Nadj, it is essential that the performance is about bodies and movement, retaining only what is necessary. This principle of simplicity extends to all elements that make up “OMMA.” On the bare stage, the bodies of eight dances, the sound and the lighting are enough to offer the audience a breathtaking experience.

The title of the performance comes from the ancient Greek word “omma” (ὄμμα) and explores something very essential: the ability to watch, through the sense of sight, and everything that happens during the deeper introspection of the self. In an empty space that is both infinite and finite, eight men dance together, representing a kind of humanity. Each one carries his own universe, and the composition of the movements creates a cosmogony that narrates the beginning of creation.

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