Beneath the Shadow of the Mountain

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Beneath the Shadow of the Mountain

16/09/2018 @ 20:30


The poetic work of Yannis Ritsos Beneath the Shadow of the Mountain is presented at Aisxylia Festival on Sunday 16 September at 20:30 at the Old Oil Mill of Eleusis directed and performed by Nana Papadaki.

Beneath the Shadow of the Mountain belongs to monologues of  Fourth Dimension, masterpiece of  Yannis Ritsos intended for theatrical performance.  It was written in 1960, and, although it is not named after the mythical heroine Electra, it refers to the cycle of Atreides. Here the poet encounters the heroine in a dilapidated house at the foot of a high mountain confessing to her silent nurse. “You can’t understand if her silence is fatigue, wisdom, ignorance, tolerance, understanding, general conviction, general admission, affection, affirmation, denial, hostility, stupidity or a separate dream» he says in the prologue of the play. The power of Ritsos’ writing goes beyond sterile representation of the myth and opens up to questions that concern modern man. Memory thread unfolds, personal and collective passions run though history and reach today. Τhe show after its successful course in closed space will take place at the open space of Old Oil Mill at Eleusis and travel to the stage of poetry. Or the poetry of stage.


‘Everlasting Ritsos Beneath the shadow of the mountain with the stunning plasticity and stage virtuosity of Nana Papadaki in an achievement that will be discussed since it visualizes the Unspoken and gives form to the Inconceivable’ Konstantinos Bouras    

‘In the list of most successful theatrical productions of the new year Ritsos’ poem Beneath the Shadow of the Mountain directed and performed by Nana Papadaki’ Manolis Polentas

‘Focus lies on the demanding, full of vivid descriptions and symbolism, text of Ritsos through a sensational performance’                                                              Vangelis Mastoropoulos

‘A riveting monologue, poet’s favorite way of expression, a woman in a dilapidated house at a mountain during an autumn night and the eternal struggle of light and darkness. Directed by Nana Papadaki, who delivers a unique performance’                                                                                                                            Yota Salma

About Nana Papadaki

Nana Papadaki is an actress, director and poet. Graduated from Greek Art Theater Karolos Koun and has worked as an actress in state and private theaters. Encore- Women of Odyssey is her most recent poetry collection. In the main program of Aisxylia Festival she also directed Plato’s Dialogue Ion.

Beneath the Shadow of the Mountain

Text: Yannis Ritsos

Direction- Performance: Nana Papadaki

Art Direction: George Zorbas

Set – Costumes: Assi Dimitrolopoulou

Music: Vassilis Tzavaras

Lighting Design: George Zorbas

Assistant Director: Spiros Betsis

Photo Credits: Katerina Tzigotzidou

Video Trailer: Yannis Voliotis – Volition Pictures

Production: Maldoror

Duration: 75’



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