A message from the organisers

A few words about the Festival

Aeschylia Festival is considered one of the most important years of the modern history of our city. The stereotype of the degraded urban area is being cast aside by the dynamic presence of Elefsina, a city which knows how to, wants to and can turn itself into a sustainable and creative entity; a model to be imitated. Culture has become a way of life in our city, and it lies at the heart of any effort for social, environmental and economic upgrading. It is in accordance with this vision that righteous and quality events take place here, from the end of June until mid-November.

We welcome you

Giorgos Tsoukalas


Elefsina was meant to suffer the greatest hubris of humans against nature. It fell to the city that has been steadfastly keeping for 2000 years the secret of the Elefsinian Mysteries, to pay the heavy price for the industrial development in the name of profit, with devastating consequences for the natural and cultural environment of this sacred place. But legend, history and culture cannot disappear. They remain undimmed on the Hill of Antiquities, in the Museum, on the ancient Iera Odos, in the post-Byzantine churches, at the coastline with the carcasses of inactive factories; these places every September resist, prove their greatness and celebrate, along with the Elefsinians, during the greatest, cultural celebration dedicated to Aeschylus. The 21st century Elefsina zealously struggles to obtain the image it deserves, and uses culture as a means.

The AESCHYLIA, since 1975 when it was introduced, has constituted for all the Municipal Authorities the means to unveil our sacred, ancient history, which had been buried under the smoke and the dust of the factories.
Today the Aeschylia, with upgraded quality and being panhellenically recognized, takes place in the inactive industrial installations, thanks to their kind concession by the National Bank of Greece. The semantic significance of this region is great, since it is situated next to the Archeological Site and it is, soon, going to become municipal, given that the urban planning procedures have been completed. Moreover, two Prime Ministers have promised to build the new Archeological Museum in this specific place.

The Municipal Authority of Elefsina and the Organising Committee of the Aeschylia are intended, with the programme of this year, to offer once again a variety of quality events, which are going to be attended by the residents of the city, as well as by visitors form the capital city of Greece.

Today, in this time of crisis and regression, it is allowed and imperative to not let our priorities be reversed, as well as to win this bet for the next generations. Today, art and cultural production not only are in no case an unnecessary luxury, but also –on the contrary− constitute a hopeful sign of creation and awakening, an indication of vigilance and future perspective, a bulwark against dumping-down assumptions, as well as a way-out answer to and a life-giving overturning of derogatory voices and scaremongering.

In our endeavor, we ask for the contribution both of the State Authorities and of the mass media, because we should all agree that Elefsina deserves and is worthy of a better tomorrow.

On behalf of the Municipal Authority, I would like to express my warm thanks to the artists who are going to participate to the Aeschylia events of this year, to the employees of the Municipality of Elefsina, as well as to all the people who voluntarily offered their services in the framework of the COMMITTEE OF THE AESCHYLIA for the drawing up of the excellent programme, which we are inviting you to attend.