This year too, in the framework of the Festival “Aeschylia 2017”, the institution of the “Modern Theatrical Creation” is hosted, organizing a series of events at the Old Olive Mill warehouses (Iera Odos & Adelfon Mouriki Str.)..

For the eighth consecutive year, it encompasses and supports theatrical creations of young artists. At the same time, we ensure the contact with the modern theatrical setting for the audience of our city and of the wider area, and we offer the opportunity for them to enjoy the performances with the symbolic ticket price of 5 euro, or after having obtained the economical season ticket worth 20 euro, which applies to all the performances.

We are beginning on Tuesday, July 11th, presenting for the first time a Site Specific Installation, by the Performance “CUBE”, by Ms Emilia Mpouriti, who invites-challenges us to attend an art installation-presentation, which unfolds the connection of the body with the symbol of the “cube”, as well as with the influence exerted by the energy of the industrial city of Elefsina. Free Entrance