A few words about the Festival

The year 2017 defines in a different way, from now on, space and time for Elefsina. We competed dynamically for and we won the title of the European Capital of Culture 2021.

Our city travelled all the way across Europe, and not only there; time became dense; we were now able to achieve in the following five years anything we have not managed to achieve in the previous ones.

The stereotype of the degraded urban area is being cast aside by the dynamic presence of Elefsina, a city which knows how to, wants to and can turn itself into a sustainable and creative entity; a model to be imitated. Culture has become a way of life in the city of Elefsina, and it lies at the heart of any effort for social, environmental and economic upgrading.

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Elefsina has been selected to be the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021

The process of claiming this title lasted about two years. During the first part of the process, Elefsina had been competing with 13 other cities. Elefsina, Phodes and Kalamata had been shortlisted for the second part of the process and on 11th November 2016, the European Commission selected Elefsina as the European Capital of Culture 2021. The Aeschylia Festival, which has been setting out the cultural strategy of the city since 1974, has played an important role in this distinction.

The Half Marathon Race “On the Traces of Iera Odos”

The Half Marathon Race “On the Traces of Iera Odos” has been inspired by the steps of the initiators of the past, who have been walking along the “Iera Odos” in order to awaken their consciousness during the Elefsinian Mysteries. In 2015, in the framework of the Aeschylia Festival, the half marathon race of 21klm had been organised, taking Thisio as the point of departure and Elefsina as the finish area.

A total of more than 75 events are accommodated

23 theatrical, dance and dance theatre performances, 15 music performances, 14 film screenings, 3 visual art exhibitions, 2 performance art events, a half marathon race, an international congress, and two lectures.